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Where are the car keys?

The car keys are conveniently stored in the glove compartment. To access them, simply open the glove compartment and follow these steps:

  1. Open the glove compartment: Locate the latch or button to release the glove compartment door. It is usually located on the lower side of the compartment.
  2. Retrieve the car key terminal: Inside the glove compartment, you will find a small terminal device. This device is designed to ensure the security and safety of the vehicle.
  3. Answer the car key terminal questions: The terminal will present you with a series of questions about the car's damage and cleanliness status. It's important to answer these questions accurately to ensure proper access to the car key.
  4. Access the car key: Once you have answered the questions on the car key terminal, it will grant you access to the car key. You can safely remove the key from the terminal.

Remember to secure the car keys properly after use to avoid loss or unauthorised access to your vehicle.

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