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What do I do when I get in the car?

In the glove compartment you'll find a terminal with the keys attached. You may need to enter your 4-digit PIN into the pin pad. Please answer the questions regarding cleanliness and damage on the terminal. 

If the vehicle is damaged, please call our customer service team on 0371 384 9949 or email photos of the damage to customer@ubeeqo.com. Remove the car key from the terminal. Start the vehicle and off you go!

We are going to review one by one the steps you must follow to be able to use, enjoy and complete your booking correctly.

Booking start

  1. Go to the reserved car. In the booking confirmation email and in the active booking section of the App, you will have everything you need to know how to find the vehicle: address, pedestrian access, floor and parking space, type of parking access (with contactless card or with license plate reader), etc.
  2. When you are in front of the car, you can open it in 2 different ways:
    • Use your App: in your active booking section, click on "Open" to open the car.
    • Use your contactless card that you have linked to the profile; hold the card that you have selected close to the windshield reader so that the doors will open.
  3. Once the doors are open, open the glove box and follow the steps below:
    • Pick up the data fob. If it is your first time booking, enter the PIN number that you have received by email, SMS and that the App indicates in the yellow rectangle at the top. 
    • First, answer to the damage question. To do this, you must review the damage report indicated in the App and check if the car has any new damage. If you see any new damage, please send a photo to customer@ubeeqo.com before starting your booking.
    • Secondly, answer to the cleanliness question. If you consider that the state of cleanliness is not adequate, send a photo to customer@ubeeqo.com.
    • Remove the key from the data fob
    • Squeeze the clutch (or the brake on automatic cars) and start the car. For automatic cars, keep the key with you and click the READY button to start the car.
  4. Enjoy your booking!

If you are more of a visual soul, we recommend you to watch the below tutorial video on how to start your booking, and use the services of Ubeeqo for your trip!

During your booking

Once you have started your booking, throughout it you must lock and unlock the car as usual with the key.

IMPORTANT: During your reservation DO NOT insert the key fob back into the glove compartment terminal. DO NOT leave the keys in the ignition, the doors may lock automatically for safety. 

Always carry the keys with you and there will be no problem.

Do you need to refuel? We can explain in this article how to do it.

End of your booking

  1. Return the car to its original place at the scheduled time. What if I'm late? Click here for find more information.
  2. Stop the engine and return the keyring by inserting it into the data fob slot. This step is very important, make sure that the keyring is properly inserted and that the km traveled appears on the screen.
  3. Collect all your belongings.
  4. Close all the doors (trunk included).
  5. Finalise your booking in 2 different ways:
    • Use your App: close the car by clicking on "close" in the section of your active booking.
    • Use your contactless card that you have linked to your profile: hold the card that you have selected to the windshield reader so that the doors will close.
  6. That's all! Your booking has been successfully completed: you will see that the sensor light turns to red and the doors have been closed.

If you have any incident in the reservation process, you can contact us on 0371 384 9949.

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